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Open source

Open source

We are a strong believer in open source. We use it a every day and are happy to contribute back to the community.

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The Symfony community has long been the force that drives PHP developer to more modern and stable applications. Most things we do at Happyr is related to this awesome framework.

Recent Posts

How Happyr work with Symfony translations

11 minute read

You probably follow the Symfony best practices when you develop web applications. That is great but there is no much information about translation. The offic...

Do not worry about code style fixes

1 minute read

Earlier this year I installed Fabien’s php-cs-fixer on my continuous integration server. So at each build I checked if there were any code style errors, if s...

User as a service in Symfony2

4 minute read

To get the current logged in user in Symfony2 is kind of complicated. You have to do a lot for such simple task. First you have to get the TokenStorage to re...

Continuous integration with Symfony2

5 minute read

There are many great articles that tells you why you should use continuous integration i.e. the one by Martin Fowler and the book This is Lean by Niklas Modi...

Choose owning side in OneToOne relation

2 minute read

Many times I’ve come got to a situation where I have a unusual high query count. When I inspect the queries in the Symfony profiler I can see that Doctrine i...