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Open source

Open source

We are a strong believer in open source. We use it a every day and are happy to contribute back to the community.

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The Symfony community has long been the force that drives PHP developer to more modern and stable applications. Most things we do at Happyr is related to this awesome framework.

Recent Posts

Installing Blackfire on multiple servers

4 minute read

At Happyr, we have about 30 applications running across 14 Amazon EC2 servers and a lot of Lambda functions. Most of them are small microservice application...

PHP 7.4 preloading benchmark

6 minute read

Preloading arrived to PHP 7.4.0 in November 2019. I was super excited about this and I started to try it out. But I quickly noticed that it was a little bug...

Compiling PHP 7.4 on OSX

3 minute read

I think I am a decent PHP programmer, but I am lost when it comes to devops, C, Makefiles and compiling stuff. I just want to write brew upgrade php and be h...

Symfony HTTP Client and caching

3 minute read

Symfony has a HTTP client which differ from other clients like Guzzle, Buzz or clients from the HTTPlug organization. Symfony’s HTTP client is asynchronous b...

Retry with SNS and Symfony Messenger

10 minute read

In a previous post I described how we are using Amazon SNS with Symfony Messenger. But what I didn’t mention is how we handle failures. Sure, we write perfe...