This website exists because we love to share. You will find some code we are extra proud of and that we shared to the open source world. You will also find our API clients and a lot of documentation.

Happyr connects people and companies to create successful job matches based on peoples potential.

Since you are on Happyr Developer and not happyr.com we figure that you are more interested in programming than recruiting. We bet you’re wondering, “How do you achieve this? Why hasn’t anybody done this before?”. We work together with a professor in psychology who developed a personality test with high validation (that means you can trust the results of the test). Our task is to calculate a match between a requested profile and the candidate’s profile and display the result of the matching for the employer.

Our main application is built with the PHP framework Symfony2 and we do also use WordPress on some parts of the website. This developer website is a place where we host the documentation for our Symfony2 bundles, WordPress plugins and other PHP libraries. We will also blog about the development process, how we set up our workspace and solutions to problems that we encounter.

We hope you find something of interest.