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Open source

Open source

We are a strong believer in open source. We use it a every day and are happy to contribute back to the community.

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The Symfony community has long been the force that drives PHP developer to more modern and stable applications. Most things we do at Happyr is related to this awesome framework.

Recent Posts

Blocking vs non-blocking fonts

1 minute read

Just the other day I found out about the font-display: swap; css directive. It basically allows you to configure the browser to load the webpage first and th...

Generate URLs in Symfony commands

3 minute read

It has been great many years since Symfony 2.0 was released. 2.0 did not have as many great features as Symfony 4.0, but it was flexible and you could still...

What is efficiency?

2 minute read

The answer may be trivial. Efficiency is when you work as hard as you can and as quick as possible to complete a task. The answer could also be a bit more co...

Always use caret instead of tilde

1 minute read

I’ve been noticing people having trouble understanding the differences between the caret (“^”) and the tilde (“~”) operator in the composer.json file. Compos...