HappyR Dialog library

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I know there is plenty of javascript libraries that help you show dialogs. I’ve used a handful of them and I’ve read the documentation of many more. Many of them was okey but none was awesome. That’s why I built my own.

At the time of writing is the latest version is 1.3.3 and I think I’ve made a decent job. I had 4 things in mind when I wrote the dialog:

  • responsive design
  • built for Ajax
  • highly configurable
  • I don't want to force the user to write tons of code

The two later are the most important ones. I want the dialog to popup without me writing code to describe how it should behave. But I want to be able to configure the dialog with some default values and of course should these values be overridden if I want to. 

I’ve tried to make things simple for the user because dialogs should not be complicated. 

The source code is hosted on Github. To see examples and documentation click here



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