Open files in PHPStorm from you Symfony application

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If you want to open files in PHPStorm8 directly from the Symfony debug toolbar there is a neat trick you can use. This is very helpful when you quickly want to find a controller or when you got an exception.

// /config/packages/framework.yml
  ide: "phpstorm://open?file=%%f&line=%%l"

You could also do this trick locally on your machine instead. That will not conflict with other developers in your team and it will work for all your projects.

; php.ini

; Alternative link syntax:

And that is pretty much it. You dont need to install PhpStormOpener, LinCastor or any other Apple script. This will work with PHPStorm8+, Symfony2.6+ and Mac OSX.

Below is a picture to show where you should click to make PHPStorm open the controller used in this request.

PHPStorm8 Symfony debug toolbar

Read more about this feature in the Symfony documentation.

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