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Open source

Open source

We are a strong believer in open source. We use it a every day and are happy to contribute back to the community.

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The Symfony community has long been the force that drives PHP developer to more modern and stable applications. Most things we do at Happyr is related to this awesome framework.

Recent Posts

Continuous integration with Symfony2

5 minute read

There are many great articles that tells you why you should use continuous integration i.e. the one by Martin Fowler and the book This is Lean by Niklas Modi...

Choose owning side in OneToOne relation

2 minute read

Many times I’ve come got to a situation where I have a unusual high query count. When I inspect the queries in the Symfony profiler I can see that Doctrine i...

Hack: Asynchronous programming

2 minute read

Hack has introduced asynchronous programming. This is really great but it is not really documented at the moment. Not at all actually… I’ve done some experim...


1 minute read

A tuple is very similar to a PHP array and a shape. The key feature of tuples is that they are immutable. You may not change the length or the types of the e...


1 minute read

Hack introduced a concept called Shapes. It is an object like the associative PHP array but with predefined array keys. If you are familiar with C you might ...

Why collections?

6 minute read

Hack has introduced some new object to replace the PHP array. These collections are Vector, Set, Map, Pair and some more. If you are familiar with Java or C#...

Hack Lambda expressions

2 minute read

Hack is all about making it easier for the developer to write good code. There has been some improvement of the PHP anonymous function or closer as they also...

Hack constructors

1 minute read

Hack got a lot of features and improvements of different kinds. It comes with some syntactic sugar. The constructor is a subject for a syntactic sugar improv...